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Our Mission

Unite Orthopaedic Foundation was formed in 2004 with a commitment to excellence in the discipline of orthopaedic traumatology and fracture care. The mission of Unite Orthopaedics Foundation is to improve the care of orthopaedic trauma and fracture patients through research, teaching and learning, education and collaboration.

The San Diego Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship has graduated and placed orthopaedic surgeons throughout the nation since 2005. While being mentored by several faculty, the Fellows participate in the care of orthopaedic trauma and fracture patients, including many indigent patients of San Diego County. The goal of the San Diego Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship is to make substantial advancements in the clinical skills and judgment of the Fellow during the one-year clinical experience.

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Goals of the Foundation Include:

  1. Continuing to provide the funding needed to support the education of an orthopaedic trauma Fellow in the discipline of orthopaedic traumatology and fracture care. This specialized training focuses on the treatment of complex fractures and the care of severely injured patients.
  2. Continuing to publish findings of orthopaedic traumatology based research and symposia participation, including outcome studies and the development of new orthopaedic surgical techniques.
  3. Committing to being the leader in providing essential continuing education seminars to orthopaedic surgeons and industry related healthcare professionals by establishing a national platform in which to share, collaborate and exchange information on the latest innovations and advancements in treating various traumatic injuries.

Meet Our Current Fellow

Kandice R. Beenken D.O.


Dr. Beenken graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance. She continued her medical training at Des Moines University receiving her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her residency at McLaren Macomb Army Medical Center and will complete her fellowship with the San Diego Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship in July of 2018. Dr. Beenken is a Captain, Flight Surgeon in the Air National Guard.

Past Fellows

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